Bee Line

Any Man Will Do (John Castle)
Auntie’s Naughty Boys (Hank Faber)
Daddy’s Whore (Gloria Day)
Desires That Simmer (Ralph Damthem) / Sexual Beginner (Horace Harting)
Family Ball, A (Jeff Morehead)
Four-Way Frolic (Chris Tuffer) / Ready When You Are (Rob Bert)
Her Extramarital Affair (Earl Lee) / Lovers To Spare (Austin Sexas)
Her Sensuous Search (Fran Eck) / Finding True Lust (Don Keye)
The Horny Babysitter (John Lowell)
In Between Francine (Vance Gordon)
Insatiable Ann (Irma Frentz) / Man After Man (Sonia Sokituya)
Lady Of Desire (Holly Daye) / Her Sexual Empire (Cass Eurova)
Million Dollar Body (David Lasher)
Neighbors Among The Sheets (Dee Scust) / All You Can Cheat (Willie Maiket)
An Orgy At Georgia’s (Yul Gettit) / Lots Of Lovers For Leora (Al Theway)
Sex-Crazed Action (Fred Boner) / Days Of Passion (Sue Wanamore)
Sibling Swap (Mark Cranston)
A Side Order Of Sex (Mac Deripper) / After Dinner Nymph (Zora Zaftig)
Sweet Shocking Charlotte (Sam Jordan) / The English Housemaid (Don Reed)
Taken To Bed By Force (Becky Beddin) / Captured For Rapture (Kitte Littre)
Wanting Everyone (Neil Foret) / Everyone Wanton (Mike Rescope)
When The Loving Gets Rough (Louisa Alcock) / The Touch Get Coming (Sharon Ballinsky)

Copenagen Line

A Niece In Heat – Unknown Author

Executive Library

Willing Little Virgin (Karen West)

Family Series Books

Father’s Temptation (Ron Pellman)

Illicit Library

Daddy And The School Kids (Tom Wardlow)


Barbara (Unknown)

Liverpool Publishing

Parole Passion (Regina White)
Wife On The Make (Jeff Collins)


Slaves Of Ecstasy / The Lust Seekers (John Argraphy)

Orpheus Classic

Family Secrets (John Cleve)
Family “Secrets” (John Cleve) – Different novel

Pleasure Books

Leather Mistress (Gina Clayton) / Slave Games (Joseph Jones)
Naughty Nora (Susan James) / Sweet Virginia (Caroline Allis)
Nympho Nurse (Harriet Sommers)
Prisoner Of Pleasure (Marilyn Moon) / Savage Lovers (Candy Peters)
Wicked Wives (Marilyn Moon) / Tasty! (Honey Horton)

Story Magazines

Cheating Wives

Vol. 5 Issue 7

Family Fun

Vol. 5 Issue 9

Family Kink

Vol. 6 Issue 2

Sexxxy Spouses

Vol. 5 Issue 5

Wicked Relatives

Vol. 5 Issue 4